July 2015 Student Spotlight - Jazmine Huertas, Cozad High School, Lincoln

Being a successful performer and artist brings its own personal rewards. Our July Student Spotlight winner, Jazmine Huertas, has also learned helping other students and her community enjoy the arts through a talent show can bring even greater rewards.

Jazmine, who will be a senior at Cozad High School, is involved in choir, art, speech and drama.  

“Jazmine is a student who has grown tremendously in confidence and ability during her time at Cozad High School,” said her teacher, Kyle Vincent. “Her approach to the theater is professional and impassioned - the stage is her home.”

Jazmine’s skill as a performer is complimented by her deep appreciation for the arts and sharing this passion with those around her. This past year she decided to organize a talent show as part of a class project.

“Our community hasn’t had a local talent show in over five years,” said Jazmine. The project was challenging; Jazmine was in charge of publicizing the event, holding auditions, finding a stage crew, organizing the talents, and putting on the whole show.

“The opportunity to see young performers grow in confidence was rewarding,” said Jazmine. “Before taking on this project, I thought that receiving awards for my own performances was the height of achievement. However, seeing others gain confidence and personal strength from something that I put together, well, that was an even greater achievement. It is simply the greatest reward I’ve had related to the arts.”

Jazmine appreciates how participating in the arts has helped in her life. “The confidence and skills these activities have given me is something I will be able to use for the rest of my life. I’ve made friends from all over the state, friends that I would have never been in contact with if it wasn’t for the arts.”

“I value fine arts with my entire being. They’ve kept me busy, motivated, and on the right path throughout my high school career,” says Jazmine.