November 2014 Spotlight Winner

James Yeu is a person who gives his artwork away to fellow students and teachers as a way to connect with others. Nebraskans for the Arts is giving back to Yeu by awarding him with the Student Spotlight in the Arts award for November. 

Yeu, a Lincoln High School senior, is an extremely talented student in art. He excels in visual arts and makes incredible sketches of other students and teachers. What is unique about James is that he gives most of his artwork away to the people who sit as he sketches their likeness on paper. “I can’t remember a time when art was not a part of my life,” says Yeu. “It is a way for me to connect with others.”

His nominating teacher, Sam Russel, said: “James is an incredible artist. His artwork can be seen throughout Lincoln High, because he shares his passion for sketching with everyone.” “James has begun to explore sketching landscapes and is also an up-and-coming musician, playing the guitar,” Russel added.