Catherine Ohm

August 2014 Spotlight Winner

Congratulations to Catherine (Kat) Ohm, our August 2014 Spotlight recipient. Kat is a music education student at Midland University.

Kat is an exceptional student that makes every minute count of every day. She continually goes above and beyond to contribute in many areas in the Midland University Performing Arts program, while leading and learning. Before coming to Midland, she was part of the fantastic performance group, The Young Americans.

“Kat is an incredible vocalist, percussionist, a natural born leader, a fantastic actor, dancer, a compassionate friend, a respectful collaborator, and is inspiringly committed to her academic journey,” says Erin Bradley, Director of Performing Arts at Midland University. “She will leave a legacy of excellence wherever she goes and will make a heck of a teacher someday.”

Kat is one of our finest leaders in The ARTS at Midland University, working tirelessly at every project she commits to. “Her actions speak louder than words as Kat is so humble,” says Bradley. “The way we know her awareness of how the arts has had personal impact is in the way she serves others and gives back, caring genuinely about the success of herself and others.”