Midlands University Student Makes Impact Nationally and Locally - January 2015 Spotlight Winner

A dance student with national accolades, Fran Adrianto serves as a role model in the state for male dancers. Fran’s impact nationally and locally is why he is the Nebraskans for the Arts’ January Student Spotlight in the Arts award winner. 

 Adrianto is a junior Theater and Dance student at Midland University. He has traveled the U.S. as part of the Young Americans Performing Arts Organization for six years, and was selected as a member of the 2013 National Dance Alliance NAIA National Championship Dance Team.

 It is his positive impact at Midland University that is truly amazing, says his nominator, coach and director Trish Ryan. “He truly leads by example and has been a huge asset to our program. He is always the first to practice, and always asking what else he can do to help. Fran is not only an incredible performer, but also an amazing teammate who is constantly encourage his fellow classmates to succeed as dancers, students, and people. He makes every dancer feel good about themselves, no matter what their skill level.”

 As an example, Ryan says, “Sometimes when practices are overwhelming, we hold open dance class that have nothing to do with performances and allow students to teach their own choreography. When Fran was chosen to teach a dance class, the feeling level he created in the room was very powerful. He taught a lyrical to the song "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz and truly brought the entire room together. He helped everyone remember the real reason why they dance as sometimes college courses, activity stresses, and real life gets in the way. This is a testament for who he is and the joy he constantly portrays.”

Adrianto believes the arts are an important resource for improving himself and others. "The arts have taught me to be reliable and encouraging, staying positive during the hardest of times. The arts have given me the ability to give 110% at any point in time, whether asked or not. The arts have shown me the importance of showing excellence in my work.”

“Most importantly, the arts help me to appreciate and see the best in individuals. Like Martin Luther King said, "we must learn to live together as brothers, or we will perish together as fools"."