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2016 Candidate Survey Responses/Voter's Guide

The Nebraskans for the Arts, Nebraska Art Teachers Association, and Nebraska Music Educators Association joined together in sending a survey to help our membership learn about the positions that candidates for the Nebraska Legislature had about the arts and arts education.

Please see your candidates’ answers to our 2016 survey below. All answers are compiled in our Arts Advocates Voter's Guide, also below. This survey was distributed to all incumbent legislators and challengers.

If you do not see your district candidate(s) answers below, he or she have not returned a survey yet. Please urge your candidates to say where they stand on the arts. You can share the survey yourself (candidate survey link). Candidates respond when they know a potential voter is personally interested in an issue.

This survey strives to present fair and balanced information from all candidates, and is not providing candidate endorsements. Candidate survey results are unedited and is meant to educate voters about candidates in state races.

Don't know your legislative district? Click here for your polling place and a list of elected offices

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