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Who We Are

Nebraskans for the Arts (NFTA) is your arts advocacy organization.

Representing arts organizations and individual members across the state, NFTA advises policy makers, elected officials, and community leaders on the importance of strong arts education in our schools, the economic impact of the arts in our communities, and the benefits of pro-arts policies for Nebraska. 


Advancing the arts as essential to life and learning for all Nebraskans. 


  • All communities offer professional arts experiences, and every Nebraskan has the opportunity to be enriched by them.
  • The arts are part of every child’s basic education. Every Nebraska school has a comprehensive and sequential arts program for all students taught by certified teachers.
  • The arts are perceived to be critical for a well-educated workforce and the state’s economic prosperity. Nebraska’s elected officials and business leaders invest public and private resources to support arts education and arts organizations.
  • Nebraska is known for its many cultural opportunities and for a vibrant and creative environment that nurtures the development of students, artists, and arts organizations.

Strategic Plan, 2024-2027