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Nebraska Arts Advocacy Network

Launched in April 2021, the Nebraska Arts Advocacy Network (NAAN) is a grassroots coalition of arts administrators, arts educators, artists, and arts enthusiasts committed to advocating for arts and culture across the state of Nebraska.

Nebraskans for the Arts believes that in order for advocacy to be effective, it must be sustained year-round. NAAN members further this idea by building relationships with their state senators, working together to resolve issues in their communities’ arts sectors, and recruiting their friends and colleagues to engage in arts advocacy efforts. 

The Nebraska Arts Advocacy Network is open to any arts leader in our state. As a “thank you” for their service, all NAAN members receive a one-year membership to Nebraskans for the Arts.

You can join the Nebraska Arts Advocacy Network or request additional information by completing the form below:

Nebraska Arts Advocacy Network Registration Form