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Richard J. Vierk

CPA and attorney, Lincoln

I am a retired Deloitte and Touche Tax partner who currently works for First National Bank as Manager of Business Succession Planning. I grew up in Grand Island and attended the public school system there. I first started playing in the band at Lincoln Elementary School. When I transitioned to middle school at Walnut Junior High I continued in band, but since I was tall for my age I was asked to be “Drum Major”. We had one uniform for Drum Major, tall and skinny, and that was me. That experience “marched” me into the Drum Major position in high school. The position was all about decision making and leadership, watching the group make adjustments, and knowing what tune we were playing. Life is and has become a Drum Major position — leading, making decisions, and knowing what tune is being played to make the best decision. Who knew “music education” would and could play such a role for a future CPA/Attorney?