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Why the Arts Matter – Using the facts.

Each year, the Americans for the Arts and the Arts Action Fund provides data and facts on the impact of the arts. In Nebraska, the Creative Economy is 2.21% of the state’s gross domestic product contributing $3.6 Billion to the state’s economy. Further, the sector employs 31,288 people.

Nebraskans for the Arts will be participating in the National Arts Advocacy Zoom-In Week where we will focus on advocacy for the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and arts education. Why do we advocate at the federal level? This federal funding has a positive economic impact on our creative and art districts in Nebraska through the expansion of grants and for the importance of properly funding arts education.

Our particular asks will be FY25 appropriations for NEA and NEH. This money comes back to Nebraska through grants for the arts and humanities. We will also be advocating for $40 million for the Assistance for Arts Education program, a grant program that promotes arts education, $20.5 billion for Education Title I Part A, grants for schools with high numbers of students from low-income families, $3 Billion for Education Title II Part A, professional development for teachers, principals, and other school leaders, and $1.65 for Education Title IV Part A, student support and academic enrichment.

The future of all arts’ growth and vitality begins with a solid arts education in our schools. Fostering creativity in our young people needs to be a priority.

We will use the #WhyTheArtsMatter data sheets to help our advocacy efforts with our U.S. Senators and Congressmen. But, it is also valuable information for our local efforts. Please feel free to use this information and take a look at our complete information fact sheet at #WhyTheArtsMatter www.artsactionfund.org/nebraska

“The Arts is part of what makes Nebraska a jewel of the country. The rich history and continually diverse growth of arts programming, education, and showcasing across the state not only encourages new artists but also amplifies voices of our community that need to be heard.”

– D-Wayne Taylor – Arts Advocate, Radio, TV, and Live event host